It is often said a psychic feels like they have lived many lives fitted into one and is a 'old soul' and this has been certainly true for me. Many of my own experiences have helped me to have life knowledge as well as my spiritual understanding to pass forward and help others.

Since I've been very young I have been aware of the spirit world around me. I would see images other people couldn't and would be told things, often during dreams from crossed over family members about my life and other peoples. I also would experience prediction dreams where either the next day or shortly the very same thing I dreamt, would then happen. 

As I got older I realised pretty quickly, not everyone had the same things happening to them! 
I have had many challenges in my own life from bullying, family separations, dating and relationship issues and health problems. Throughout,  the spirit world and my angel guides have helped me greatly to over come many of these things, which I now love to share and pass on what I know. Being an empath and sensitive I really understand with compassion where people face difficulties in their own lives. I can then really relate to the joy of overcoming these leading to high points and happier times.

I've worked on a well known professional psychic phone line for 10 years, but I had been giving readings way before this time. I started my career as a make up artist in many of the London department stores and would often pick up and give readings for colleagues and those who would ask. I've worked in a busy Central London psychic shop giving readings, as well as providing mediumship and clairvoyant demonstrations in front of audiences across Kent. I have participated in many commercial events including psychic fayres, charity and corporate events and business promotional evenings. This rich variety of work has given me a wealth of experience with giving readings for different people, often from all over the world.

I'm also passionate about bringing more awareness to the term 'psychic' as it often very misunderstood, about how it actually works and how we are all using our own psychic abilities much more than we realise we are (you can find out more about this in my blog and newsletter sections). I love my work, it is really rewarding helping others and seeing them grow and expand their own awareness, knowledge and understanding, but also being able to give a element of peace to the mind and heart.