'I have had a couple of readings with Jannine over Skype and every time she amazes me! She rarely asks any questions and just tunes in right away to what’s going on in your life and offers her guidance and insights. Every time with me she has been spot on and given information regarding members of my family who have passed on that she couldn’t possibly have known. She’s truly the real deal and she just makes you feel so much more positive after having spoken to her. I honestly couldn’t recommend her highly enough. Thankyou so much again Jannine for your advice and positivity and wisdom!'

- Natalie

'I had a telephone reading with Jannine for the first time this morning. Oh my! What a pleasure and delight to talk to this talented and gifted medium. Jannine brought my dad through straight away. My dad had passed away when I was 12 and she knew things that she could not possibly have known without it being my dad she was speaking to. So many things about my life she knew and was spot on about. I came off the call feeling very energised, positive and happier. Thank you Jannine.'

- Lynne

'I had a reading with Jannine a couple of weeks ago, it was my first clairvoyant reading and so I was a bit unsure of what to expect. Straightaway she picked up I was nervous and then just got straight into the reading; literally spoke for 30 minutes, I couldn't get a word in, in the best possible way! She picked up on what I had going on in my head for the last few months, issues surrounding my relationship with my mum and confirmed things about who I am on a spiritual level. I have pages of notes after the call and felt more sure I am on the right path. I have recommended her to family and friends. Will definitely get a reading again with Jannine.'

- Demi

'Thank you Jannine for my reading. It was spot on, especially when you threw dates and names at me. I was blown away! I highly recommend having a reading with Jannine, because she talks a lot (in a good way), which means that you get so much for your money.

I've had two readings and not been disappointed!

Thank you'

- Indi

'Jannine was on point with her information for me both via email and Skype readings. The readings were really reassuring as she knew so much without me having to say anything. She truly tuned into me and my spirit guides and I felt relief to hear the information that was channelled through her. She delivered her readings with truth, a lot of love and positivity coupled with realism and I couldn't have wished for a more better genuine experience. Jannine is a gifted soul and I am so thankful we connected.'


'Fantastic reading. I visited Jannine for my first ever reading and she certainly did not disappoint. I was astounded with the amount of information she provided me from my past and the connections she made for all different aspects in my life. She made me feel very comfortable and offered me some fabulous advice - thank you. I left feeling like I had some closure that I needed but also wanting to hear more from her. I thoroughly recommend visiting Jannine for a true and honest reading.'

- Hana

'Just WOW. This lady is amazing, she knew certain things only I know and hid from the past and as for the future we will just have to wait and see. So spot on with everything it was goose bump moments. Thank you so much Jannine'


'Thank you for a great reading your energy and insight into my life was amazing and you are truly gifted! I look forward to the things that you said would come up for me I cannot wait'

- Debbie

'I had an amazing reading with Jannine, would 100% recommend her. She's so good at what she does and I can tell that she enjoys it! Thank you Jannine!!'

- Molly

- 'Jannine is so genuine. I've had a few readings with her now and each one has been on point! My recent one has especially. Thank you very much Jannine, I've been to other people in the past and nothing compares to her.'

- Grace

'What a lovely lady. Highly recommended. Thank you x'

- Natacha

'I have received a amazing 3 question email reading from Jannine and wish I had contacted her sooner. There was validation on current situations, positive guidance and empowerment for the future, and my grandmother came through. Truly wonderful. Thank you so much x x'

- Amanda

I want to thank you Jannine, for not only a very interesting reading, but for helping me to start to come to terms with issues in my life that have become such a huge torment, but I am starting to realise that my own peace of mind is critical to me getting through these past issues, thank you for your care and detailed attention, you are amazing to say the least'

- Stuart

'Jannine is one of the most astounding psychic's I've ever had a reading from. This lady is a mind reader, literally telling me how I've been feeling and why, so much information it just flows, she's predicted a very interesting few months for me that I'm looking forward to'

- Becky

'Jannine is a amazing reader, I'm a practising psychic myself and called Jannine for some insight on what was going on. She immediately picked up on me as a healer, she gave me many validations, she had a incredible amount of information that she passed through. She is truly amazing'

- Heather

'My thanks to Jannine for this evenings reading, particularly her lovely caring warmth,as well as her insight and perception'

- Liz

'What can I say, she was amazing clear and to the point, she was upbeat, leaving me clear on my path'

- Sandi

'Hi Jannine, just want to say thank you for my reading, very thought provoking and inspiring. I will keep you informed of any development regarding the princess crown! You are a special person'

- Maryanne

'Just had a amazing reading off this talented lady. I'm buzzing right now. Thank you from my heart'

- Julie

'Wow can not believe the most accurate email reading I have received from Jannine, unbelievable. So happy to have my dad come through and say ' it's not about who likes you , it's about who you like and who is good enough for you!! Made me feel so much better knowing dad is around. Thank you Jannine you have made my day'

- Sarah

'Omg, everything you said would happen by now, has happened, thank you, planning my next visit soon'

- Desiree

'Thank you so much Jannine, so much of my email reading was so very spot on, I feel much better after reading this'

- Laura

'Hi Jannine, just a huge massive thank you, as something you predicted came true today. Absolutely gobsmacked, so thankful'

- Nicky

'Jannine was fantastic! Inspiring, energetic, filled with positive energy and a continue flow of love. I left feeling inspired and ready for the next phase'

- Dawn

'I must say I'm astounded with your text reading. Everything has come to light much more than I ever imagined, to be honest. Thank you'

- Lesley 

'Thank you so so much for this email reading. What a wonderful reading. You've really hit the nail on the head with so many things and sounds like I've got a interesting few months ahead of me. Thank you for sharing your gift.'

- Amy

'Hi Jannine, I had a reading with in London and you were amazing. Really tuned into my situation and helped me through a tough time'

- Alexa

'Hello Jannine, do you remember me, we met a a couple of months ago. I just wanted to say that you have not only cured my initial cynical thoughts, but you have opened my eyes to a whole new dimension. I'm having psychic dreams every night, which are coming true. It's gotten to the point were I tell my friends my dreams and they are calling and telling me that they are coming true. I am very grateful for you opening my eyes, thank you'

- Julia

'Jannine I just wanted to say, first and foremost thank you for yesterday. I felt so much better after my spiritual development session, do much more refocused'

- Monique

'I had a brilliant reading yesterday with Jannine, she was amazing- I'm still shocked by most of it'

- Kerry 

'I just wanted to say a big thank you for my reading today. I found everything you talked about has lifted my spirits. I've already recommended you to parents and friends, thanks again'

- Andrew

'Thank you Jannine for a lovely reading, you do have a gift.'

- Jose

'Jannine you have inspired me to continue, thanks to your email reading. I will read it daily to remind myself of what I can and will achieve. Thanks very much, I am grateful to you for giving me faith to continue on my journey'

- Denise

'Thanks for the excellent reading this afternoon, I have taken a lot from it and am looking forward to the journey, God bless'

- Pauline 

'Hi Jannine, I had a reading with you last year and really enjoyed it. You informed me I would have a new baby this year and it would be a boy. So I thought I would tell you that my son arrived in August this year. I cannot believe how amazing and correct your reading was'

- Tiffany

'I have to say you are absolutely fantastic at what you do and have bought so much comfort to me and my mum'

- Danielle

'Thank you for today's reading. It was amazing'

- Nathalie

'Hello you did a reading for me a couple of years ago in Ashford, which was very accurate, I would like to plan my next visit to see you'

- Julie 

'Wanted to say thank you so much for our session last week. It was a lot of information to digest but it's all falling into place. Thanks for your help'

- Patricia 

'The most talented psychic I have ever met, am due for my next reading very shortly'

- Christine

'Thank you so much. It's helped so much and makes so much sense to what's going on in reality'

- Shahena 

'I wanted to say thank you very much for the psychic development workshop today. It has definitely helped me to know what my path is and you have taught be a lot. I am amazed how much I've learnt and I will continue on this path. Thank you for being such a great teacher'

- Lisa 

'The main thing I got out of the workshop was confidence. Confidence I am on the right path, confidence that what I'm receiving through my own guidance is correct. Thanks for being my teacher and guide'

- Desiree

'Thank you and your spirit guides once again for giving me encouragement and direction into the next chapter in my life'

- Tracy

'Hi Jannine, your reading was the best I've ever had the things you told me and what you described were spot on. I don't think anyone else has ever picked up the things about me and the things I feel that are true. Your reading had helped me massively.'

- Carole

'Amazing reading yesterday, so valuable to me and delivered with zesty fun. Thank you Jannine'

- Redman coaching